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Computer Ckeditor multiple languages

Ckeditor multiple languages

CKEditor 4 is well-suited for multilingual environment. Its UI is translated into over 60 languages and by default it is...

Computer Ckeditor 4 customization

Ckeditor 4 customization

Customize - CKEditor 4 Documentation Bringing Your Skin to Life At this stage you have a started a skin that is eventual...

Computer Circular shift in C program

Circular shift in C program

( In practice, the shift amount is reduced by some modulo -- either the bit width of the type or some larger number.) It...

Computer Circle of radius 1 km around given latitude/longitude php

Circle of radius 1 km around given latitude/...

A circle of latitude at latitude lat =1.3963 rad has the radius Rs = R ยท cos (lat) = 1106 km , so d =1000 km now corresp...

Computer Chunk preprocessing python

Chunk preprocessing python

In practice, you can't guarantee equal-sized chunks . The number of rows (N) might be prime, in which case you could onl...

Computer Chromecast receiver development

Chromecast receiver development

The Google Cast SDK and API libraries support the development of Android, iOS, and Chrome sender applications, and the d...

Computer Chrome type instagram

Chrome type instagram

56.2k Followers, 1,585 Following, 633 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ?y (@ chrometype )

Computer Chrome options headless

Chrome options headless

Headless Chrome is similar to tools like PhantomJS. Both can be used for automated testing in a headless environment. Th...

Computer Chrome extension onload

Chrome extension onload

Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience.

Computer Chrome devtools custom

Chrome devtools custom

Your custom tab order persists across DevTools sessions. Figure 4: A DevTools window with a custom tab ordering. By defa...