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Software CKEditor textarea rows

CKEditor textarea rows

The definition of a text field (multiple lines). This class is not really part of the API. It just illustrates the prope...

Software CKEditor 4 set height

CKEditor 4 set height

The CKEDITOR .config. height option sets the height of the editing area with CKEditor 4 content — it does not include th...

Software Circularfifoqueue


CircularFifoQueue is a first-in first-out queue with a fixed size that replaces its oldest element if full. The removal...

Software Circleci cache between jobs

Circleci cache between jobs

Workspaces persist data between jobs in a single workflow. Caching persists data between the same job in different workf...

Software Cifar-10 best accuracy

Cifar-10 best accuracy

BiT achieves 87.5% top-1 accuracy on ILSVRC-2012, 99.4% on CIFAR-10 , and 76.3% on the 19 task Visual Task Adaptation Be...

Software ChromeDriver


Resolved issue 3383: ChromeDriver 80+ on Windows seems to exit or stall on certain element or click commands Resolved is...

Software Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store

Discover great apps, games, extensions and themes for Google Chrome .

Software Chrome OS disable auto brightness

Chrome OS disable auto brightness

1/ I removed it from Chrome , but the brightness stayed low (the browser tab is still dimmed at the time it was set in t...

Software Chrome extension Store

Chrome extension Store

Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience.

Software Chrome disable media keys

Chrome disable media keys

Disabling Media Keys in Chrome The first thing you want to do is access Chrome's Flags. To do this type "chrome://flags/...