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Skills CKEditor toolbar height

CKEditor toolbar height

The CKEDITOR .config. height option sets the height of the editing area with CKEditor 4 content — it does not include th...

Skills CKEditor 5 content height

CKEditor 5 content height

CKEditor 5 no longer comes with a configuration setting to change its height . The height can be easily controlled with...

Skills Cisco ASA changeto context command

Cisco ASA changeto context command

You can then change to the context , configure it at the CLI, and enter the write memory command to write the file to th...

Skills Circleci cache key environment variable

Circleci cache key environment variable

CircleCI restores caches in the order of keys listed in the restore_cache step. Each cache key is namespaced to the proj...

Skills Cifar-10 data augmentation pytorch

Cifar-10 data augmentation pytorch

One of the standard image processing examples is to use the CIFAR-10 image dataset. I am continuously refining my PyTorc...

Skills Chromedriver disable devtools

Chromedriver disable devtools

So I am creating a bot with chrome headless browser and it works just fine. I had quite a lot warnings so I disabled the...

Skills Chrome Web Store - extensions

Chrome Web Store - extensions

Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience.

Skills Chrome pause javascript

Chrome pause javascript

Internet trolls and people who don't know any better will tell you to go to the developer tools window, Sources, and the...

Skills Chrome extension update notification

Chrome extension update notification

3.1: - Display "Show changelog" only when it's relevant - Linkify URLs in changelog - Dismiss notification when extensio...

Skills Chrome disable mime sniffing

Chrome disable mime sniffing

disable chrome strict MIME type checking on local dev-1. Django base.html extended to homepage.html, static images appea...