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Caesar meaning

Caesar meaning
Caesar meaning Caesar definition is - any of the Roman emperors succeeding Augustus Caesar —used as a title.

Caesar | Definition of Caesar by Merriam-Webster

Caesar definition is - any of the Roman emperors succeeding Augustus Caesar —used as a title. /dictionary/Caesar

Caesar (title) - Wikipedia

Caesar or Kaisar (?a?sa?) was a senior court title in the Byzantine Empire.Originally, as in the late Roman Empire, it was used for a subordinate co-emperor or the heir apparent, and was first among the "awarded" dignities.From the reign of Theodosius I, however, most emperors chose to solidify the succession of their intended heirs by raising them to co-emperors. /wiki/Caesar_(title)

Caesar | Definition of Caesar at

The family name of Julius Caesar and of the next eleven rulers of Rome, who were emperors. /browse/caesar

Caesar | The amazing name Caesar : meaning and etymology

Caesar means Elephant (-slayer) He was delivered through a Caesarean section. /Meaning/Caesar.html

Caesar Meaning | Best 12 Definitions of Caesar

Used as a title and form of address for Roman emperors. /caesar

Urban Dictionary: Caesar

The title of the emperor of the Roman Empire after the fall of the Roman Republic. It was Julius Caesar's adopted nephew, Agustus, that was the first to carry that title. Agustus Caesar was the first true emperor of the Roman Republic. Ave Caesar , morituri te salutant. /define.php?term=Caesar

Caesarean | Definition of Caesarean by Merriam-Webster

Definition of Caesarean (Entry 2 of 2) : of or relating to Julius Caesar or Augustus Caesar or to one of the Caesars who succeeded Augustus Caesar as Roman emperor First Known Use of caesarean /dictionary/caesarean

Ceaser - definition of Ceaser by The Free Dictionary

1. Gaius Julius, c100-44 B.C., Roman general, statesman, and historian. 2. a title of the Roman emperors from Augustus to Hadrian, and later of the heirs presumptive. 3. any emperor. /Ceaser

Should We "Render Unto Caesar ?" Verse Meaning Explained

In the context of the time Jesus lived in, Caesar represented the Roman government that harshly ruled Israel. The phrase applies to us in this way: every person on earth lives under the authority of a government, and Jesus instructs us to honor that government to the extent that we can. /bible-study/topical-studies/why-should-we-render-unto-caesar-what-is-caesars.html

What does Jesus mean when he says: ''Give to Caesar what ...

Many good answers here, but I think all are overlooking an important piece of the context: Jesus asked to have a look at the coin, and then posed an important question "Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?" People seem to think this vers... /What-does-Jesus-mean-when-he-says-Give-to-Caesar-what-belongs-to-Caesar-and-give-to-God-what-belongs-to-God-in-Luke-20-25?share=1





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