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Basemap epsg not found

Basemap epsg not found
Basemap epsg not found Basemap won't import because 'epsg' file or directory can't be found (MacOS, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook)

python 3.x - Basemap won't import because 'epsg' file or ...

Basemap won't import because 'epsg' file or directory can't be found (MacOS, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook) /questions/58683341/basemap-wont-import-because-epsg-file-or-directory-cant-be-found-macos-ana

[Solved] "PROJ_LIB" error when installing Basemap on ...

The epsg codes supported by Basemap are at the file /mpl_toolkits/ basemap /data/ epsg . Yet, I couldn't even find the "data" folder under the basemap directory. Luckily, I got a MacBook near me, which has Basemap installed (and it worked). /2019/01/29/solved-proj_lib-error-when-installing-basemap-on-windows-using-anaconda/

FileNotFound when importing basemap · Issue #430 ...

This was fixed for my case by installing the new basemap (instead of the old build) and then setting up the PROJ_LIB in Dockerfile. statiksof closed this Feb 20, 2019 gerazov mentioned this issue Jan 10, 2020 /matplotlib/basemap/issues/430

matplotlib - Python basemap module impossible to import ...

I was facing this issue and I was able to solve it using anaconda. After activating my profile. source activate MyProfileName conda install basemap from mpl_toolkits. basemap import Basemap import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # setup Lambert Conformal basemap . # set resolution=None to skip processing of boundary datasets. m = Basemap(width=12000000,height=9000000,projection='lcc', resolution=None ... /questions/40374441/python-basemap-module-impossible-to-import

Why are the Google basemaps no longer appearing in QGIS ...

I had done a few projects using Google Physical/Streets as basemaps but now when I re-open those projects all layers appear except for the google basemap (other layers include .kml). I had previously had this issue when I had a poor internet connection - the basemap would not load - but I now have a good connection so that should not be the ... /questions/172019/why-are-the-google-basemaps-no-longer-appearing-in-qgis

KeyError 'PROJ_LIB' · Issue #419 · matplotlib/ basemap · GitHub

On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 12:22 PM Filipe ***@***.***> wrote: Your issue in #419 (comment) <#419 (comment)> looks like a common conda issue on Windows. I've seen other users reporting similar problems but that has nothing to do with basemap or the conda-forge package. /matplotlib/basemap/issues/419

Python Basemap Examples, mpl_toolkitsbasemap. Basemap ...

epsg : tell arcGIS where to pull image from, affects the image orientation Use 4326 for Sydney centric maps Use 3577 for Australia centred view ''' # set up basemap projection # epsg is used to inform basemap that we will pull an image from ArcGIS servers # epsg=28355 does not work... /examples/mpl_toolkits.basemap/Basemap/-/python-basemap-class-examples.html

1177903 - IOError: proj data directory not found ...

Bug 1177903 - IOError: proj data directory not found . Expecting it at: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mpl_toolkits/ basemap /data /show_bug.cgi?id=1177903

contextily: context geo tiles in Python — contextily 1.0.0 ...

contextily: context geo tiles in Python¶. contextily is a small Python 3 (3.6 and above) package to retrieve tile maps from the internet. It can add those tiles as basemap to matplotlib figures or write tile maps to disk into geospatial raster files. Bounding boxes can be passed in both WGS84 (EPSG:4326) and Spheric Mercator (EPSG:3857).See the notebook contextily_guide.ipynb for usage. /en/latest/

Managing projections — Basemap tutorial 0.1 documentation

Projections with the name "utm" are not well supported (i.e. 23031 or 15831), but the ones named tmerc can be used. The way I found to do it was opening the file and looking for a suitable option. This example shows the island of Menorca using the UTM projection, zone 31N. /en/latest/projections.html





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