How I lost 23lbs in 7 days with water fasting
Being at home with my children meant that I gained a good amount of weight.
The past 3 months have seen me gain an astonishing 35 pounds! I'm not happy about it , but living in a cold and dark house particularly the last six weeks, with nothing to do other than bake and eat meant that I gained weight without even realizing it.

What is the purpose of water fasting?

The practice of water fasting is to consume nothing but water. Some people may choose to do fasting in order to shed weight or to fulfill religious purposes. I would drink clear herbal teas to drink to drink warm drinks as one of the side results was feeling cold and plain water.


Benefits of water fasting?

- Aids in fat loss and ketosis - Enhances body composition -Lower blood pressure - Reduces blood sugar levels -Supports healthy collagen production in the skin -It could slow the aging process

A RISK of water rushing

- Nutrient deficiencies - Dehydration - Hypertension - Hyponatremia - Fatigue and dizziness

How long can you drink water Fast?

It is common for people to do it for three days, five days, or seven days. I was actually planning to try it for five days but I felt so great that I decided to continue for seven days. Is drinking water safe? There are only a few human studies of fasting in water. It is not a long-term diet, and should only be employed for short-term.


My experience with water rushing

If you or another person is suffering from a medical issue it is recommended that you consult your doctor or seek out other medical professional treatment. Do not disregard medical advice from a professional or delay in seeking it due to things you found here or any related documents. If you suspect you be suffering from a medical emergency, contact your doctor or emergency services right away. This is not an advice from a physician I'm just sharing with my personal experience. Please be aware of not overworking yourself by giving blood or performing strenuous exercises.


I mentally prepared myself by doing a few things like: I got rid of any junk food or sweets in the home I purchased a few water bottles to monitor the amount of water I was drinking Prepared some sole water to help electrolytes



It's obvious, but you shouldn't consume anything Drink water whenever you are thirsty or hungry but don't go overboard. I took electrolytes as well as multivitamins since I'm running after my children, but it's essential to stay quick I had a cup of herbal tea that was clear in the early morning If it becomes too excessive, end the session. Do not force yourself to keep going when you are feeling awful.


What I felt on a day 3

I was miserable, If you've done Keto then I'm able to look at it as Keto Flu. It could have been caffeine withdrawal since I was drinking about 6 cups of coffee a day just to perform. The first three days were certainly the most difficult. I was suffering from headaches and felt weak, however, after day 2 there was there was no hunger. I would drink water whenever I was thirsty or hungry. I wasn't too heavy with drinking large quantities of water because I was concerned about flushing electrolytes out. Instead, I drank until thirst. Also, I noticed that I was feeling extremely cold. This is always my experience, even during intermittent fasting.


DAYS 3 - 5

Iam able to say that the migraines were gone and with them the fatigue as well as the brain fog. I was capable of completing more at work, and I began to take a brisk walk for about an hour. I felt fantastic, had not hungry, and certainly no cravings! I was less bloated on day 3 and I could feel an improvement in my waist. Being up so fast made me disoriented, so I had to slowly get up. However, I was still cold.


DAYS 7 - 9

They were the most enjoyable days of my diet. I felt more supple and noticed that the weight loss, especially around my midriff and on my face. I felt fantastic now, but I was concerned about returning to eating normal. SMOKING AGAIN I made the decision to return slowly. Beginning with one meal, two meals after a couple of days. I chose to use this as an occasion to return to the Keto diet that has always been a success for me.


How much did I lose?

In 7 days I lost 23lbs! The transition back to keto-based diets meant that I gained another 4lbs, but it's gone and more. I highly recommend this water fast of 7 days to anyone looking to get started on weight loss Fasting with water is simple however it isn't easy.


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