Morning Banana Diet
Do you struggle to shed weight?
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If so, then you're in the right place. Morning Banana diet is for you. Contrary to the common belief that the breakfast banana diet is primarily about eating bananas and nothing else It's actually not the case. While bananas are a staple in this diet, there are plenty of other foods that you can consume as well. The diet was initially developed by an Japanese couple, who work in health positions. It's a great way to lose 20lbs in two weeks, and in a healthy manner


1.Eat More Fruit

If we don't eat fruit for a while and we instead consume junk food, we don't realize that fruits are actually delicious when you choose the most delicious ones for your taste senses. In swapping our unhealthy snacks with fruit can help us eliminate a significant part of the caloric excess caused by unhealthy eating habits.


2.Mindful Eating.

Mindful eating can provide two distinct, but equally amazing advantages. The first reason is that when we concentrate on eating slowly and present while eating our food taking note of and savoring the flavors we're tasting, we can are more satisfied with it. The other is that mindful eating can actually help in weight loss. In 13 out of 19 , studies mindfulness-based interventions during dieting helped weight loss. Eat dinner before 8 PM

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Breakfast Time If you get up in the morning, that is the time when your eating habits are most affected by your diet. The reason is that for breakfast, you can have a banana that is raw and an ice-cold glass of water. While it may not appear to be a great breakfast but there's a reason to recommend one banana, instead of a single apple.


What happens if I'm still hungry?

Another benefit of this type of diet is that, when you're still hungry after 30 minutes of eating one banana you are able to take another banana. Another benefit of drinking water at room temperature and having banana(s) to eat breakfast is the convenience it provides. In contrast to toast, porridge or other breakfast item that requires some preparation the bananas only need to be removed before you can begin eating.


What do you think of Lunch?

It's surprising that in the case of lunch, there's no need to make huge adjustments to your eating routine. Morning bananas does not restrict what you can consume for dinner or lunch however, if you wish to achieve the most weight loss through this diet, then when you are choosing what you'll eat at lunch, opt for vegetables, fruits such as fish, chicken, and other healthy options to limit the amount of food items that contribute to obesity within your food choices.


While the diet permits you to consume whatever food you like for dinner and lunch The foods you should avoid are items that are that are high in saturated fats and sugar added. This is the reason:

Sat-Fat makes you gain weight In the case of saturated fats you'll see them in many of your favorite junk food items along with cakes, cheese, cream and pork products, as well as fat cuts of any animal and cocoa, coconut milk, and milkshakes. Sat-fat is extremely obesogenic which means it has an increased risk of causing weight increase and weight gain.


What about you eat?

The final dinner of the day is one that is best enjoyed with care for several reasons. The second is that, after having spent the day trying to be productive and put all the effort you can muster it's time to make time to eat slowly and really take in the food you eat.

The other is that mindfulness eating has been proven to help in weight loss, which means an attentive eater is slimmer. For dinner you're permitted to eat as you normally would. If you're used to eating a large, juicy steak every evening, you don't need to sacrifice it.


Are there any rules regarding dining out?

The only requirement for meals in this particular diet is that it must be consumed prior to 8pm. This is due in part to a lot of older research has suggested that the more you consume food, more of your body will be capable of metabolising, which means that you'll store more of your food as fat, which can lead to the weight increase. Recent research and studies have shown that there is a lack of evidence that can be used to support this outdated way of thinking.


Other considerations

There are a few aspects to take into consideration when you are following this diet however generally speaking, you don't have to think about buying a broad range of items specifically designed for this particular diet. which gives it an advantage over diets with strict restrictions which typically have every meal planned with food items that are sometimes expensive. If you are shopping to support this diet, it is best to only buy bananas.


In conclusion

The breakfast banana diet is something of an anomaly because it's not restricting in any way it's extremely accessible and affordable, and it won't restrict you from eating the food you like. It's in the realm of fad diets because the sole mechanism to lose weight in this diet is eating bananas that make you feel fuller and longer. Since it lets people consume whatever they like for dinner and lunch The morning banana diet isn't the most effective diet to lose weight, since it is largely based on the eating habits of people prior to the beginning of the diet.


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