The South Beach Diet
The diet is a low-carb diet that was designed to in weight loss that is rapid and with no cravings.
It also helps to improve heart health and has been in use for more than 10 years.

What exactly is South Beach Diet?

Dr. Agatston created this diet in the mid-1990s , and only began to market it after he had tried it on himself and noticed the outcomes. When Dr. Agatston began selling to customers, they noticed similar results. Loss of weight and loss in belly fat. You might also be interested in How to lose belly FAT


What is work the South Beach Diet work?

There are three distinct stages of this diet plan: two of them are for weight loss, and three for weight management.


Phase 1

This restriction on grains, fruits and other foods high in carbs It is regarded as the most strict. It restricts these foods in order to reduce blood sugar levels and insulin levels as well as reduce cravings and maintain appetite levels. It is possible to shed between 8 and 13 weight (3.5-6kg) in body fat in the first phase. Three meals per day, which will comprise lean protein, vegetables that are not starchy as well as a few nutritious beans and fats.


Phase 2

The best time to begin this phase is at day 15 and keep doing it until you reach your goal. It could take a few weeks. It is possible to lose, in the average, between 1 to 2 pounds (0.5-1kg) each week throughout this period. All food items that you ate in phase 1 is permitted in phase 2. However, you must restrict your intake of fruits and healthy carbs, which comprise whole grains as well as certain kinds of alcohol.

Phase 3

You'll move on to the next phase once you've reached your weight goal. The Phase 2 guidelines should form the foundation for your lifestyle change, however, you are able to add occasional treats and there is no food that is off limits. If you find yourself adding weight again and again, you must go back to the first phase for a few weeks before resuming week 3 again. It is also suggested to regularly exercise in the 3 phases in this program.


The foods you can add are:

Lean pork, beef, game, lamb, and veal.

Buttermilk, low-fat milk Plain or Greek yogurts, Kefir, and soy milk, restricted up to two cups (473ml) per day. Skinless turkey and chicken breasts Low-fat hard cheese, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese. Shellfish and fish Egg whites and eggs Turkey bacon, turkey, and pepperoni.


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